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I feel like this thread is losing focus, as they often do. I know I am partly to blame for bringing up the NYC must-use ordinance. My point really was if there is such an ordinance, it is completely reasonable that the bike lane be rideable. Additionally, I don't think we should just shrug and give bad actors a pass, saying is not a big deal. Personally, I am angered when someone does the wrong thing for their own convenience and winds up inconveniencing me. That's not even taking into account the added safety hazard. In these cases I now have to watch the traffic to my right, the vehicle stopped in front of me, how much room I'll have to pass it, whether it is going to door me, if I give enough clearance to avoid being doored will I be in the blind spot of the boxtruck passing on my right and can I split the lane, and can I swerve around the pedestrian who will pop out around the front of the vehicle parked in the bike lane, all while watching for the ever-present rim-crunching potholes. Yes, I am aware the city cycling requires a high level of attentiveness, but I don't need extra crap thrown in my way. And those little obstacles to add up. My commute to my client in Times Square takes about 30 minutes, 15 of it is moving time. I estimate about 10 of it is time wasted avoiding obstacles that shouldn't be in the bike lanes anyway.
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