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Originally Posted by cmh View Post
Robertorolfo - welcome to bike racing, and to the forum. Congratulations on your first race - sounds like it went really well. Your equipment is just fine to start racing - don't worry about it or what others think. You are right that it isn't holding you back at this stage. Your helmet is likely just fine, but you should check that it is approved for bike racing. Requirements and standards for helmets differ by use and even though it might protect you just fine, it might not be approved by cycling.
Keep at it and have fun.
Thanks for the advice and words of encouragement.

As for the helmet, it's definitely a bike specific helmet, I just call it 'skateboard style.' I think it was actually labeled, "Urban" or something. But I don't know if it's specifically racing approved. I'll check.

I just remembered another quick question I have for the group: when you get out of the saddle to accelerate (for an attack, to cover one, to sprint...) do you change to a harder gear right before? I found that every time I got out of the saddle, I was almost immediately getting to a cadence that felt too fast out of the saddle, without any huge burst of speed.
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