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@robertorolfo Good job on your first race! Keep at it!

I hung out at about 3rd or 4th wheel the entire race.
A couple of observations: It was slow. No one wanted to lead. There was definite disorganization at the front. They looked at me to lead, and I noped out of that. I was playing it conservatively unless someone jumped. The hardest attack to reel in early was by the guy who won. I got his wheel, but he was strong.

No one in Cat 5 gutters people, it seems. Your lee side advantage goes away as you move up in the categories. If I had been leading on the back stretch, I would have guttered people --- ride right along the cones so there is no protection on the lee side. I wanted to conserve, however, and those lead guys were giving me protection. I was using it, too.

There were two guys who led for most of the race. Neither were in the top 5.

Generally, you don't want to dump a gear. Your first thing to do is increase cadence. Then, eat your handlebars. If cadence is too high here, dump a gear. Then come out of the saddle while eating your handlebars. You really don't want to lose a chain when you go fast, so find the gear that works before getting out of the saddle, for sure.

The whole point of Cat 5 is to get experience. You'll learn a ton of stuff just by racing; but there are also a lot of coaching clinics in the NYC area. If you're in the CRCA, they offer free coaching clinics periodically, and you also get an hour with a coach as a part of your registration.

Also, check out some podcasts. There are a few. I particularly like the trainerroad youtube videos as well --- they break down race videos with local pros and coaches.

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