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Originally Posted by rubiksoval View Post


If you could get to the front on the last lap and pull for 1/4 of a lap, you sure as hell could have stuck yourself in to the front of the group and gone for the sprint. "Keeping it safe and for the training" is a sucker's move. You played yourself out on that one. Why sacrifice your race for everyone else?
Good point rubiksoval, it is a sucker's move, although I am quite sure I would have been hard pressed for even a top ten if I had worked into the front and gone for the sprint. Also, it is a non technical race on a very open course, and I moved to the front on the edge taking a lot of wind. I've done this race a lot, and in order for me to do well (I mean well for me, not a win or anything), I have to move up staying out of the wind and get a good wheel. I wasn't able to do it in this race so I just kept going right to the front and drained the legs. And given that it is mostly the same group every week, I don't mind sacrificing my race (as a sucker) when it is my 2nd of the year, and I don't have a teammate to work for. I do think it keeps the race a touch safer to have a high pace in the last lap.

I did reflect on this a bit this weekend and have to admit, the real reason I went to the front and ruined my race with a hard pull is because it takes the pressure off of myself. It gives me an excuse for not placing well, and I don't have to fight for position which is always somewhat stressful. Much better would have been to attack and even though I'm almost certainly going to get caught, it is going to be better training. It might even help a teammate if others have to work to bring me back.
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