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There is too much success in this thread. Allow me to bring it back to earth.

I raced on Sunday. The course is on an 11 mile circuit with pavement that is beat to hell and features a 2ish mile 45-50mph descent with no good lines at speed and many punchy 1-3 minute climbs. I felt excellent, but the second time down the descent I hit a series of bumps so hard that my chain dropped and my bike started making noises that sounded an awful lot like the frame had cracked. I stopped for neutral support and they asked me to roll to the bottom since we were in a pretty dangerous high speed area. As I rolled down I saw the aftermath of a pretty gnarly looking crash with what looked like half a dozen dudes from my field laying on the side of the road, but it sounds like everyone wound up relatively OK, and I watched one of em curbstomp his helmet after the race which was kinda neat I guess?

When I got to the bottom I hopped off my bike to inspect it and was relatively happy to see that the noise had been caused by the front derailleur cage having somehow been rotated into the path of the crank arm, bent it out of the way as best I could, and pedaled in circles for another hour. This had all cost about 4ish minutes and there was no way I was going to get back to the peloton, so I went into workout mode, caught a small group after a 25ish minute chase, and pulled them along for a half an hour or so until I dropped my chain on the descent again and decided I was no longer enjoying myself, and sat up to save my legs for more productive early week ITT practice (which has worked out conveniently since I am waiting for a new front derailleur to come for my road bike).

Writing this has allowed me to avoid doing work, and to waste your time with an inconsequential story from otb, both of which basically make this race a win for me.
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