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Group ride last night, decently spicy.

There is a balance of work and frugality I value in riders in groups. I'm talking about knowing when to take your lumps and when not. Skinny? Get that hill, then wait up. Diesel engine? Pull it hard on the flat/rollers. Some on the group "get it".

We've got some drop/regroup sections where it's uphill or spots you can do whatever. You're supposed to stop at the end, and make sure someone didn't die along the way.

Then you get a couple sassy heroes blowing the stop after they catch up and leaving the group.......the group catches them......"oh, you all are finally here....we stayed ahead for a while".

Right.......When we saw what was going on, we intentionally waited longer at the stop and let them leave. Hoping they'd be gone. Still caught most of them over only a few miles despite the fact we stopped for a couple minutes at the stop point.

Home slices thinking they're "winning" the group ride after in reality they got dropped 4 times, then decided to blow the stop to pretend to get ahead.

Anyway. I'd have gotten a KOM on one nice little segment headed uphill for a while, but the idiot who made it stopped it darn near in the middle of the intersection. Since we stopped behind the car in front of us.........timer kept running.

After we caught the turds, two of us who had been playing by the rules earlier decided to stomp a mudhole in their asses the last two pimple hills.

It boils down to folks taking short cuts and doing dumb **** to keep up. It's the ego of not wanting to be the people showing up at the end of the hill/sector that everyone is waiting on.

We don't care. We enjoy waiting for you so that we actually have a group. We can all go ride alone anytime we want. We're glad you tried.

If it was a long country road route, these suckers would blow up off the front in a minute if actually having to work to stay away. It's just easier to blow regroup points because you can get away while soft pedaling and recovering.

This is why I had interest in the group ride games ideas. But, last night solidified that it wouldn't matter. People are going to do dumb stuff anyway and nothing will change. I'll just decide to choose what I want to do and go do it and shutup. I'll focus on the folks in the group worth spending time being around.
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