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It's rained a lot here the last week or so and had to let the grass get taller for a bit. Last night was time to pay the piper. Before starting I powerwashed the under deck and sharpened the blade for the impending work. I had to double cut it to get all the blades cut and also mulch it and spread the shavings good enough.

After all that mess had an hour to myself and snuck out on the bike again. Took it easy with just a single KOM attempt. It's a little down and up local. I was tired and hungry and only managed about 550ish for the 40ish seconds. Usually I can get over 600 for that time. Some of it was the darn stoplight you have to catch green for your "runup" changes so fast I didn't have a lot of space to wind up the effort.

So essentially it was a peak and fade low power sprint. I think I held 700 for like 20 seconds of it then faded down.
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