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I feel like a loser.

I can't seem to organize well around family stuff and the June TT event is out.

I'm making gains most places perhaps except in the 1min to 2min range of power. But that's not been a focus.

Father's Day morn did an in town ride at close to 20mph for 75 feet a mile. Some good 8min long efforts a few times.

Gain some top 10's and a KOM on a ride this week, lose some to local Collegiate A's and P/1/2 riders. Such is the circle of life.

I found a great training route in-town. If the group doesn't want to do it, so be it, but it's over 25min of nonstop riding in the city. Unheard of. It's a hilly 4-mile long road you can do out and back on.

Another bummer.........our amazing local gravel race is permanently gone. It was already a stretch holding it on opened trails in a public park anyway. It was inevitable.

Checked the website the other day and it had the notice up. Huge bummer, it was a great event locally that always sold out.
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