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I'm pretty happy with the 830. One of the things that annoyed me about my 800 was that it is so slow. The 830 is lightning fast. And the battery life is really good. It worked fine on a 600km course, which was the other thing that the 800 could never do. The connectivity with Android seems solid. I have heard that there are problems with connectivity and iOs. My friend was threatening to throw his 830 into a ditch because of that, but he figured out a workaround. Having said that, I haven't messed around with the garmin app much on my phone, just let it upload activities to strava. That part has worked fine so far.

I feel like I'm jinxing myself, because garmin is always screwing up something important. The truth is that Wahoo does too, but they are constantly updating firmware, so it isn't as annoying.
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