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Locally I'm hearing as many complaints about the Roam as with other Wahoo and Garmin devices. Generally I hear fewer gripes about Garmin. One friend hasn't been able to get the Roam to sync at all despite following all of Wahoo's instructions. She's about to fall back to her Bolt and either return the Roam or wait for Wahoo to fix the glitch.

None of it inspires enough confidence in me to spend much on any device that lacks solid customer support. Wahoo has always seemed sketchy, like an overextended, under-manned business, with clever ideas but not enough employees to handle customer support. I haven't bought anything newer than their 2012 era sensors and iPhone 4s pack. It was promising but the USB port broke almost immediately, so the phone had to be removed to recharge every time. They didn't even bother to archive support documents for older devices where customers can access them easily.

Most companies catering to cyclists seem to be pretty much one-person operations with a handful of employees and no time for customer service. They'd do well to turn over customer support to Amazon, even if it meant an exclusive deal allowing only Amazon to sell their devices. Then the bike doodad makers could focus on R&D and not worry so much about alienating customers.

For now I can't see spending more than the $50-$80 a Bryton costs, which isn't much more than any Cateye or comparable "dumb" bike computer, but adds most of the features promised by Wahoo, including compatibility with Wahoo sensors.
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