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* People who have the Wahoos generally appear to like them.

* The level of navigation of the Wahoo units match the Garmin 520 but appears to be a better implementation (the Wahoos have a better map). The ancient 800 provides more-sophisticated navigation (so Wahoo hasn't caught up with something released in 2010, 9 years ago).

* I didn't have the issues with the 800 that some people had. It does have an issue with recording rides longer than 180 miles. Still, it doesn't make sense to compare it to new units. I don't think there were other units that did any thing near what the 800 or 810 could do when those were released.

* New Garmins often seem to be unreasonably flaky at first, unfortunately. The Wahoos don't do as much, so, it wouldn't be surprising that they had fewer problems. But the Wahoos still have problems too (looking at their forums). The probably don't (yet) sell as many units as Garmin does, which means there are fewer people reporting problems. It doesn't seem that the RFLKT was very successful.

* The 820 was a bit of a dog (probably, the 520+ too). It was slow and had poor battery life.

* It seems the 830 is much better for both (and probably the reason it was released was because the 820 was a dog).

* The 1030 is, similarly, an improvement on the 1000 (but which wasn't a dog). It might not be faster than the 1000, though. The 830/530 have a faster processor than the 1030 (the 1030 isn't too slow).

* The Garmin units have features over the Wahoos that advanced navigators might find useful. These include being able to load custom maps (including overlays) and display other courses as lines on the map. The also have on-device routing, which, while not perfect, can be useful. These are all features I use.

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