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Originally Posted by brawlo View Post
I think it's fairly widely acknowledged that the only thing that comes anywhere near a gym workout similarity is a standing start. The reality is that even a slow cadence is in the 70-90rpm range for road or track. Could you imagine moving a bar in a leg movement anywhere near that speed, let alone in the more powerful ranges of 120+rpm. Use the gym for strength development, but if you're chasing similarity, just get on a trainer or the track. It will be a far better use of your time
Thanks for your reply! That is what I am trying to figure out. Is it worthwhile to do any kind of velocity type training in the gym. Things like plyos or "throw the sled" like they recommend on UpUpUp. It seems like it may have some application to the track, but I am unsure how to really spend my time. I am already pretty strong (squat 405 lbs at 200 lbs body weight). Its hard to know whether to add any velocity training in the gym or to just go ahead and do strength in the gym and speed work on the bike. There seems to be people in both camps.
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