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Originally Posted by acslater55 View Post
Thanks for your reply! That is what I am trying to figure out. Is it worthwhile to do any kind of velocity type training in the gym. Things like plyos or "throw the sled" like they recommend on UpUpUp. It seems like it may have some application to the track, but I am unsure how to really spend my time. I am already pretty strong (squat 405 lbs at 200 lbs body weight). Its hard to know whether to add any velocity training in the gym or to just go ahead and do strength in the gym and speed work on the bike. There seems to be people in both camps.
It's more of a case of not looking at it like gym = bike, but rather gym helps the bike.

Training is personal and there's lots of things that just work, and there's lots of things that work for one person and not another. There's lots of evidence to support gym work, both strength and power work, being beneficial to training for cycling. There's lots of people that train everything on the bike using the whole gamut of small right through to big gears and are very fast and they do zero gym work. For me personally, I did gym + bike for a long time. My biggest gains came when I dropped the gym and just did bike work and moved into bigger gears.
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