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Originally Posted by pi03k View Post
That's impressive squat. Do you need to raise it much more? How does it transfer to cycling? What are your times? IMHO I would focus on transfering it to cycling and spend money on power meter, track coach, olympic lifting coach.

Yea I don't think I need to get much stronger, I really think I need to develop speed/power. My times aren't great, but I am new at this. Last year I rode a 12.8 and 12.3 flying 200. Honestly, I get a little nervous at high speeds and I don't feel like I am giving it my all. I do a lot better in match sprints or group races because I actually feel more comfortable or I block it all out when I am racing against others.

I have a power meter. My peak power is about 1790 and 1620 for 5 sec. Not great, but its a start. I am looking into getting a lifting coach, but I am hesitant on a track coach, more so because I don't know any good ones.
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