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Originally Posted by nlerner View Post
I have several sets of those Weinmanns and like them a lot. Problem for me is that the reach is fairly short, but hopefully thatíll work for you.
At first glance I thought they were like the 610s, but at second glance, they do look shorter. Other than the look, can't see how they would work differently from typical Weinmanns. Been thinking about it and I've tentatively concluded that all Weinmann brakes with the same pivot points, straddle cable, and geometry above the pivot points will work the same for any effective arm length. That is, a 610 and 750 will work the same on a given bike (brake bridge and wheel diameter).

If I wanted a real distinctive and uncommon brakeset on a very special build, I might opt for a real high quality (or NOS) set of those MAFAC Competition 2000s in gold with matching levers. Kind of "Pricey", depending on the current value of the variable "Pricey". "Pricey", if the project is a gaspipe Falcon with stamped dropouts and a derailleur claw may not be the same as "Pricey" if it's something "Extraordinary". But then we have to eveluate the current value of the variable "Extraordinary". I've long liked the looks of the gold MAFACS but have never owned a bike that I thought desrved them. Putting those on one of my bikes would be like putting C Record on a Schwinn Suburban -- assuming that C Record came with an Ashtabula crank.

Speaking of Suburbans, I've seen ads for them in the hundreds. Oh Lord, the price of electroforged goodness.
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