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Originally Posted by desconhecido View Post
Isn't the keto diet just the Atkins diet rebranded?

Keto predates Atkins and was originally invented for the purpose of treating epilepsy and seizures and was meant to be used under medical supervision. Keto diets are for sick people only....A normal healthy person shouldn't follow Keto diets or any other restrictive diet plans which forbid eating certain foods. A lot of people who claim to follow Keto diet haven't even achieved true ketosis and are unable to maintain ketosis for extended periods of time because it's not easy to do that. Not eating carbs doesn't mean that you're going to enter ketosis. Eating too much protein will prevent ketosis. To enter and maintain ketosis your diet has to be 90% or more fat and the remaining 10% or less protein. Good luck following such a restrictive diet especially for somebody who is physically active and trains a lot.
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