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Hate? No.

I admit I prefer my friction bar end shifters on my touring bike to the Shimano Ultrega shift/brake levers on our tandem, as the shifting is very mushy and I get a lot of mis- and non-shifts when using the Ultrega levers. It is relatively quick and easy to do multiple attempts at getting into the right gear, though, so it isn't a huge deal. I don't know if this is a function of the long cable run on the tandem, or whether it is a characteristic of Shimano integrated shifters. I've fooled around with optimizing the shifting, and right now it is as good as I can get it. I may try different cables (longer to eliminate the use of cable splitters?) and housing, and/or different cable splitters when it is time to replace them to see if that helps. The only other experience I have with Shimano integrated shifters was > 15 years ago when I was demo-ing a bike, I remember a lot of accidental braking when trying to shift.

I really like the Campy integrated shifters on my single, though, nice and crisp and accurate, and I really, really like the separate thumb lever for releasing cable. That is just personal preference, though.

For me, then, Campy Chorus integrated shifters > friction bar end shifters > Shimano Ultrega integrated shifters. If I were getting a new bike, I'd definitely get Campy integrated shifters.
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