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Originally Posted by 3speedslow View Post
Have you done all the cleaning and polishing you can to the frame? IMO, first step in coming to a decision.
No, haven't done that. If I go for PC, they'll media blast it (which I believe means they'll lock it in a room with a bunch of TVs going, which will melt the old paint off).

I've got some arthritis in the CMC joints of my thumbs so I am trying to not do a lot of the tight gripping motions that rubbing with a rag, brush, etc would mean.

I went to look for something in my tool bag last week and found that a bottle of 3M 'Imperial Hand Glaze' which was in there had cracked open. That's a polishing product I learned about when I owned a nice Audi last decade, the last car I cared enough about to polish and wax. IHG is an extremely fine abrasive, much more so than most polishes, with an oil (?) that fills in micro-scratches; it just made the paint glow. I've seen it called a 'moisturizer' for paint. Anyway, I've got half a bottle of it over many of my tools, and cleaning that mess up is my next big 'wrenching' project. :- (

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