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Originally Posted by prairiepedaler View Post
There was no panic beforehand. Not for Sars, Bird, Swine, Mers, Ebola, Zika, Ebola 2. Not even for vaccineless HIV

Only now.

We can agree that people think differently. Some not at all.
How are you defining “panic”? I define it as over-reacting and doing stupid things as a result.

Other then people buying more toilet paper than they need, I’m not seeing panic. If anything I am seeing too much complacency. In terms of shutdowns, that's not panic, that is taking an unprecedented step in reaction to an unprecedented problem.

If you think any of those other diseases are a precedent, they are not. Every scenario is different, and this is very different from any of those.

We did not go with lockdowns for the other things you mention because they were either
a) not as big of a threat (ebola, Sars, mers, swine flu),
b) were not transferred person to person (Zika), or
c) are an example of something we SHOULD have taken a lot more seriously (AIDS). Though I am not sure a lockdown would really apply there anyway

But in any event, I disagree about there not being panic for all those other cases.

There WAS unnecessary panic over Ebola. CDC was clear that there was very little risk of it spreading in the US, but many people (including the current US president) still freaked out over letting medical volunteers back in the country.

No panic over AIDS? Where were you in the 80s? , if you think nobody was terrified of AIDS, you clearly did not know many gay people during the 80s. And if you think nobody panicked you then don’t remember the fear people had that gays were going to infect swimming pools and toilet seats (despite evidence to the contrary) You don’t remember schools not wanting to take kids with AIDS. In short, people lost their freaking minds and were acting every version of stupid there is.

If people are freaked out and scared right now, they have damn good reason.

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