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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
As for why i didn't copy and paste the entire article .... because I POSTED THE LINK so people who wanted to could read the entire article.

In reply to the person claiming that testing was free and readily available .... who refuses to admit that neither is particularly true .... and who says people with no insurance deserve to die,

Lost your job because of the virus and can't pay your insurance premium because the kids need food? Then you deserve to die, says @Jicafold.

Yeah. Pretty clear what sort of human you are, dude.
? No. That's not what I am saying. Many articles say the testing itself is free. I said nothing about it being readily available. I also said that anyone who doesn't have insurance should be charged for the testing. Just like whatever else they may go to the ER accident, chest pain, etc. I'm not saying anyone deserves to die. They can still choose to seek healthcare. They can pay then or later. The ER won't turn away a true emergency. You are making quite an assumption there. You can't just keep misquoting everything you hear and read...that's how this gets spun out of control and spreads paranoia and misinformation.

Regardless, that's not even true anymore. In NY they will pay even for the uninsured. I expect other regions will follow.

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