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Originally Posted by Jicafold View Post
This is where they always try to get you. The ambulance transfer. If it's not your fault that you were taken to the wrong hospital initially or your choice of where you wanted to go, this should be paid by either the hospital or insurance. This same scenario was on the news here lately. They tried to bill the patient for over $8000 for an ambulance transfer. He wasn't even conscious and was driven to the wrong hospital initially which could not provide his care. The hospital ended up paying for it.
Insurance paid for it in the end after some negotiation, but they were coming at me for it until the bitter end. Not just the ambulance - every specialist including the surgeon. I validated coverage for everything before allowing it, every step, and also had my wife call the insurance company and have them confirm it. Post-op drugged up and with a haphazard chest tube. I wasn't going on the ambulance unless covered. That they all lied, or changed their minds later who knows, is why I wasn't going to pay a dime more than my policy required. And they want to charge double, or more, than their negotiated prices. To me it illustrates what has gone terribly wrong with our for-profit health care system. It's basically fraud if the same were done by any other business, and a patient in bad enough condition won't usually balk at it.
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