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Originally Posted by Cvalentine View Post
I am a newbie when it comes to classic or vintage bikes. I have a question I wanted some feedback on. Last spring I bought a 1975 peugot px10. I absolutely love riding this bike. Comfortable , sized just right, and it has that look that I really like. The only problem is I had multiple (6?) flats last year that required me to purchase new tubes for the tires. Not very expensive but a hassle to deal with for sure. I was wondering if I could buy modern rims and tires without ruining the look of the bike? I'm not sure if that is done or even possible. I've considered replacing some of components, one at a time to upgrade the performance without losing that classic look. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
How about just troubleshooting & fixing the cause of flats ?
Bad rim strip ?
Sharp object stuck in the tire ?
Burr inside rim ?

Are the flats in the same place each time ?
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