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Originally Posted by Bill Kapaun View Post
Simply try pulling the cable tight with your hand and see if it goes into 1st when pedaling. IF it doesn't, it's not the shifter.
Cable tension doesn't really increase that much until you try forcing it against the limit screw.

It sounds like you have the L screw on the RDER screwed in too much preventing the RDER from moving that last little bit.
You might try screwing it out 1/4 turn at at time and testing. Keep track of how much so you can reset it to where it was in case that doesn't fix it.
I have a hunch it will.
Hi, I already tried unscrewing the L screw completely out and also I confirmed that the derailleur can go all the way when I unscrewed the cable and pushed the derailleur to the lowest gear (biggest cog) with my hand while turning the pedals with my other hand. So I'm quite sure the L screw can't be the problem
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