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Wireless SRM un-pairing from 705 after mid-ride stop

(Posted to the Garmin forum and Wattage list with no luck, hoping someone here can help)

On a group ride Sunday, the entire group stopped when a rider crashed. During this time, my bike was laying on the ground (on the non-drive side) and the 705 was left on, timer still running (i.e. I did not hit "Start/Stop" and auto-pause is not enabled). When the group started up again, the 705 showed zero cadence (I am not using the GSC10 sensor) and zero power. I hit the "Power" button to bring up the display that shows brightness plus what accessories are connected, and confirmed that the 705 was not paired with the SRM (the "power meter" indicator was blinking, not solid).

The only thing that fixed this was pulling over to the side of the road, turning the Garmin completely off, and waiting a minute or two, then turning it back on. After that the unit stayed paired for the remainder of the ride. I did not stop for the remainder of the ride.

Any idea what caused the 705 and SRM to become "unpaired" during that extended stop?
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