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Originally Posted by allgoo19
Great test!

It only confirmed my opinion that MicroHalogen is the best choice among the budget lights. I would much rather have two MicroHalogen than 10w Halogen alone. I'm hoping somebody will make a helmet mount version of MicroHalogen with a separate battery holder.

I believe the camera 2manybikes uses works for this purpose because the camera taking all the photos with maximum brightness setting(maximum aperture, slowest shutter speed) that the camera can give. If the scene gets any brighter, the camera will start adjusting the exposure automatically.
My micro halogen is pretty old, maybe ten years? Before most of the new LED headlights. One problem is that alkaline batteries don't work in the cold. (Close to freezing or below.) The NiMh rechargeables from Radio Shack seem to work fine in the cold. But they don't run as long. I did ride with two micro halogens for a while.
But I did not have rechargeables at the time. That becomes very expensive if you put in enough hours in the dark. Eight AA's every 3-4 hours. !! Yikes ! I do about 8 hours a week in the dark now.

I found a 15watt rechargeable light and stopped using them. Buying eight rechargeable NimH AA's and two four bank chargers is a lot of money. And a lot of trouble compared to owning one 15 watt or 10 watt rechargeable light.

I still use one for a backup or for a loaner. I like it. There is nothing wrong with the light, but if you put in a lot of hours in the dark a bigger rechargeable is better in the long run because of the cost.

I rode with a friend who owns a brand new Cygolight HID today. It's a nice light, here's that beam photo.
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