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Originally Posted by 2manybikes
My micro halogen is pretty old, maybe ten years? Before most of the new LED headlights. One problem is that alkaline batteries don't work in the cold. (Close to freezing or below.) The NiMh rechargeables from Radio Shack seem to work fine in the cold. But they don't run as long. I did ride with two micro halogens for a while.
But I did not have rechargeables at the time. That becomes very expensive if you put in enough hours in the dark. Eight AA's every 3-4 hours. !! Yikes ! I do about 8 hours a week in the dark now.
You should try newer Nimh batteries. My 2300mah batteries last 3.5 hours (Cateye web site says 3 hours) and keeps the intensity untill the very end unlike Alkaline. And top of that, many newer chargers charge them in 1 hour or even in 30 minutes! (I forgot one of them says in 15 minutes.)

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