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Originally Posted by Tyrell View Post
This Ninja case has me interested and second-guessing my Breakaway. Disassembly seems to be on par with Breakaway - difference is Breakaway takes frame apart whereas Ninja requires fork removal. Considering selling my Breakaway and using my aluminum CX bike for travel with the Ninja case instead now...
since this is a racing forum....

one of these things allows a racer to bring their race bike; the other is a breakaway. ;-)

seriously, though: fork removal is pretty trivial. in fact, it is better/faster/easier than removing bars. when you drop the fork you can leave stem & bars attached to one another.

IME, the bags that allow you to leave the fork & stem in place but remove the bars (a) wind up costing you more as it is much harder to escape fees and (b) requires fiddling with an interface that is much more likely to slip, esp as more and more people have carbon bars.

it's frustrating to travel to a race and have your bars rotate from hitting a pothole.

with the ninja, if your bars were set up properly at home, they're set up perfectly when you land.
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