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Originally Posted by Lazyass View Post
No, snobbish one, I got one I weighed myself. And no I didn't include the reflectors or the pedals it came with that weigh 319g each. And yes I did weigh it with a light saddle I already had and not the monstrosity it came with. I hope that's okay with you.
Hmmm...why the name calling? Why is pointing out that you are touting two different weights on two different forums "snobbish"?

You can't seem to keep your story straight, except the part about swapping the saddle. You did post the same picture though which made it easy to see that your bike isn't 25lbs, as you have falsely claimed. Anyone with a decent amount of MTB experience could tell at first glance that a low end HT as pictured isn't going to be 25lbs.

"In case anyone is interested, I got it today. weighed exactly 28lbs without pedals. I put on a saddle I already had and chopped another 1/4lb off."

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