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Originally Posted by antimonysarah View Post
I own the Co-Motion case for my S&S bike -- it's fantastic, super-sturdy, etc. Definitely recommended. My only problem with it for this year's adventures is that the bike that fits in it isn't the one I want for brevets. Possibly I should get the brevet bike chopped in half too, but I figured I wouldn't fly with it that often -- but now I'm contemplating up to three trips with it this year. (Florida brevet week, Million Meters of Milk, PBP).
Thanks for the recommendation. Tandems East isn't too far from me and I could pop over to NJ and probably check it out in person before I buy.

::chants "get it chopped! get it chopped!"::

Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
This is the first I have seen of that particular bag. But I like one that you can lay down on the side to pack, I think it is easier to get it all in and still have it fit in a 10 inch tall bag. In post 39 above you see my S&S backpack case (supplied by S&S) with my folding bike. Note that I posted that photo because I was showing my DIY center support. I can easily imagine baggage handlers stacking stuff up on the bag in a way that could damage a wheel. The first trip I used Masonite instead of plywood for that center support (Masonite if you are not familiar with it is like glued sawdust). It cracked so I replaced it with plywood.

I am answering a few questions you did not ask, but I learned a lot about S&S from trial and error, I do not know anyone that owns an S&S bike. Sorry I got long winded, but thoughts just kept coming to me.

I suggest you also put a reinforcement between your rear dropouts so that if there is any weight put on the case, the rear triangle of the frame is reinforced better.

I can't fit the fenders into my S&S case. And when I am going for a month somewhere with my camping gear, my other checked bag is not going to have room for fenders either. So, start thinking about what is really important and what is not for your trip. But if you are going somewhere where you will be sleeping indoors, that of course makes your packing simpler. Tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear, etc., that rapidly fills up the luggage.

I have never had a coupler get loose on me while riding. But some have. Think about whether or not you want to carry a coupler wrench when you ride.

I put a short piece of inner tube rubber over each end of the S&S "nuts" to keep dirt and crud out of the threads. I am not sure what size inner tube that is, I would guess for a 2.25 width tire.

Prior to the inner tube rubber, I used electrical tape around the S&S coupier "nuts" instead, but that was harder to wrap around the couplers when the cables got in the way. You can see how much crud can get into the couplers in this photo. Thus I think it is useful to keep the dirt from getting into the couplers.

You are going to enjoy having an S&S bike. On the trip below it saved me $300 in luggage fees. Also I could take a taxi (Prius) to the airport where a full size bike box would need alternative transport. In many ways the convenience of a 62 inch case instead of a big bike box can be worth more than the savings in airline fees.
The packing sideways vs. packing vertically is something I didn't think about, so thank you for bringing that to my attention. I'm leaning towards the Co-Motion case now. I do appreciate your brain-dump, definitely things to think about. A rear dummy axle would be great assuming that I can thread it through whatever other parts are nestling into the rear triangle.

I think I want to try to bring fenders for this bike, but if the ones I want won't fit, I might have to get Raceblade Longs. I used to have them on a different bike and while they aren't as good as 'real' fenders, I think they would serve the purpose for PBP.

I also really like your idea of the old tube guard to protect the couplers from letting in grime. I'll have to borrow that one!
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