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Originally Posted by OhLylo View Post
Yeah, it supports 1080/60, 1080/30, and I think 720/60 as well. I've been disabling the idle mode and incident mode settings to rule them out, but I thought the incident mode was supposed to just prevent the footage from being overwritten if you crash or whatever? That should rule out the orientation sensor, at any rate. The battery seems fine, it's not running out of charge when it shuts off. When I check it after, it's always been at 80% or higher.

Paypal awarded me a refund yesterday, so I can safely let it sit on my desk and be useless now. Shame, though. It's a cool device, but it shouldn't require this level of tinkering to work consistently, especially when the main selling point is as a safety enhancement device.
Now I'm having problems with mine (and it's brand new). I'm wondering if there aren't a bad batch of these out there. I have one I just got off of Amazon and it won't record, runs 5 mins and shuts off. I can power it on but I can't power it off. And it doesn't matter whether there's a card in there or not. I've reformatted the card in the unit (supposedly), I've reformatted it on my mac to MS-DOS format, etc... It's nonfunctional at the most basic level (ie. power off button).

I'm thinking they might have a problem. The probability that we both are having trouble is not a good sign.

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