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Awesome! Your stories are inspiring. I read the entire post and can relate to some of the details.

My story includes a brain injury in 1991 (car vs. motorcycle). I was riding the motorcycle. Brain surgery and coma for ninety days – a season – so Driver Safety suspended my license. In 1994, I earned my license back, class C for car. In 1995, I rode a mountain bike before I started riding motorcycles again, but it was safe to ride the streets of the small desert community - crashing often. That’s what it took for me, but I was in my late twenties and recovery was quick, always back up. In 1997, I earned an M1 (open class motorcycle license), but after 50,000 miles, I had a second motorcycle accident in 1999.

After that, I rode the buses for over a decade. Living in an urban section of Los Angeles, a safe place to store and ride a bicycle was not an option for me. In 2016 I ordered a trike, thought it might let me ride the streets of Long Beach safely, and it did. I purchased a mountain bike too, but could not ride it safely. Getting it to go was hard, often I’d start turning when I intended to go straight - problematic. Once going, riding was good. They say at 5 MPH the bike holds itself up. In a parking lot, the 29er MTB was faster than the trike, so I tried stabilizer wheels to safely ride the streets. With 29” wheels, I ordered a set that claimed to fit 20” – 29”. They didn’t work well with 29” wheels as marketed. I rode residential roads anyway, leaning on one side, but the bike would naturally change from one stabilizer wheel to another. And that was about a 6” jump on the lowest setting; they fit poorly on the 29er. Many times that happened, I’d fall off the bike. But one day in 2017, I broke my hip and had total hip replacement surgery. That prevented me from riding a trike for 6 months.

Now I’m back to riding a trike about 100 miles a week. If it used less energy, I’d ride further. Because I have trouble getting up and down, I ride the taller models. Guess my brain injury has progressed through the decades. I’d like to test ride senior friendly bikes because there must be something out there safe for me to ride, but I don’t know where I can do that; just here rumors without details.
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