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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Believe it or not, that’s a new sign:

-mr. bill
Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
New, as in the yield sign was added during the safe center project. The banner and Mystic Street stop sign are from the old Minuteman alignment, the stop railroad signal is from B&M days.

Note that as planned, there were two yield signs and two sharks teeth. However, the inbound yield sign was never installed but the inbound sharks teeth were. The outbound sharks teeth were not installed but the outbound yield sign was.

Like I said, a puzzle.

-mr. bill
We're in violent agreement, as far as the age of the sign goes. The outbound Yield sign went in when the corner access curved section had been installed, but before the old straight segment was turfed. For a brief period, it actually did something useful, then outlived its usefulness.


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