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Cannot recall any issues than yelling and arm waving while on a bicycle. Well, was attacked by pit bulls and nearly killed---.

I am very non-confrontational and would probably avoid higher risk areas and always would choose to retreat/avoid conflict. But if somebody is determined to corner me, and at 65 yo, I am much less prone to running as I am not all that fast anymore, especially if my wife/loved one were there as well, they may just get what they want, a conflict and it is not going to go well for them. And that goes for the four-legged variety of assailant as well as the two-legged sort. I always carry.

Last year, I pulled into a gas station to refuel, yes, on my motorcycle. While fueling some dude hauled off and punched me in the back of the helmet hard. I turned to him and he swung again. I moved away him and he turns and goes back to his vehicle and futzes about and then leaves. I went back to topping the bike off. I never said a word because it would have escalated the situation. I have no idea what his issue was. The attendant then came out and asked if I was okay and if I wanted the police, I declined the fuss. And, yes, I was carrying.

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