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Originally Posted by robnol View Post
anyone ever pass a pace line on a recumbent....they dont like it and think that ur cheating because ur sooo much more aero than ur average upright df rider....
I don't know. Pacelines can be pretty fast. And focused. I can't imagine a DF rider concentrating on staying out of the rear derailleur of the bike he is drafting having much time or inclination to throw verbal or emotional caca at anything else on the road. Let's not get too full of ourselves. Recumbents are groovy, fer sure, but a DF rider in full tuck is pretty damn aero. Put a bunch of them on a paceline and you need a very strong rider on a Velokraft lowracer to even stay near them, let alone pass them. So, my guess is, they weren't hammering. They were just out for a roll. And you roll upon them and pass leaving them choking on testosterone fumes. Yeah, I'd be pissed too.
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