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Dabbling with Intermittent Fasting. Heard a pro talk about it on a podcast.

"Amateurs haven't got a chance against us pros. Not in a 5+ hour race. They'll have nothing left while we haven't even started working hard yet.
This is because we're fat adapted, we save the carbs for the end of the race. Amateurs use it all up.
Even if they've got a higher w/kg or sprint power, we're going to win because we're used to riding all day."

I know this isn't 100% accurate or applicable to everyone, but his description of an amateur is pretty much me in a nutshell.
I can hang all day, but am usually just hovering a shade below my limit. When the pace increases at the end, I'm out the back. Even little surges are too much and I can't follow. It's not a bonk or lack of power, I've just got no fuel left. Even when I consciously increase intake on the bike. It's like once 2 hours hits, my body just doesn't have anything left.

I've been doing a 20 hour fast followed by a 4 hour fueling window (usually 5pm - 9pm). During which I eat a normal dinner that is largely gluten free (wife requirement), heavy veggies, some meat/fat, minimal carbs (but not zero). I also throw in some extra food too. Bananas, other fruit, granola bars, craisins, low or zero sugar "ice cream" bars, etc.
On non-fasting days I just eat like a normal health conscious human.

First week was two days. Second week was three days. Third week (this week) I'm planning to fast Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Riding 60-90 minutes at Z2 while fasted, hoping to train my body to use my ample fat stores for fuel when doing low(er) intensity work. Based on my race this past Saturday (report posted in the Racing Story thread), initial results are positive.

Stats so far:
weight: 155.1 -> 151.2 (lbs)
bodyfat: 17% -> 15.4% (Per garmin smart scale)
I expect some of this is just my bowels not being constantly full of food. I drink a ton of water anyway (120+ oz/day) so this isn't water loss.

I know this isn't sustainable and don't expect this rate to continue for very long. I don't want to end up sacrificing power or muscle mass, so if either of those start to suffer, I'll cut back to three fasting days a week and see how that goes.

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