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Back to the "did you ride?" part. 1x20, 1x10, 2x5 at lunch. Then rode almost two hours of hard tempo and some SS again on the group ride night. I had a bad day at work and my mind wasn't in it. I didn't want to not have my head in it in a fast moving group, so snuck over to do some gravel/road mix. Nearly 200 TSS on the day.

I'm fatigued. The TSB is pretty negative again and the CTL is record high. Also the ATL is like 70ish, which is really high for me.

The Z4 contribution to all that is just almost silly, for me. I track them separate, and it's off the charts from anywhere it has ever been.

Next week will do my little "base" stuff. Take some time off and go easy for the week after. Then go into the high power stuff again.

I really think the Cycleops trainer with a Powertap on it is on the fritz in the work gym. Near the end of that 20, 10, 5, 5, I got out of saddle a few times.....and my HR went appreciably down and the RPE went down. That's the total opposite of what should occur. Makes me think the speed or cadence or whatever the meter uses is not reading well at higher cadences or speeds or something. I need to check on that.
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