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Originally Posted by PersephoneDown View Post
I bought my first "adult" bicycle two months ago - it's the 2018 Liv Thrive 3. It's a beautiful bike and a joy to ride! I've done about 7 20+ mile rides on it and felt like I could go for another 20! The reason I picked this bike was because I wanted a bit more comfort than the stiffness of a road bike, but I also wanted a bike that could keep up with my husband, who rides a road bike. My LBS said the Thrive 3 would meet my criteria.

The problem doesn't keep up with my husband. He's 6'4 and I'm 5'1. It's very hard to maintain the speed he wants to go for a long duration. I'm generally riding between 10-14mph, according to my Fitbit. He's going about 18mph on average. I'm curious what I can do to modify this bike to make it easier to ride with him. First, I'm replacing the pedals with pedals with toe clips, because a friend gave me them for free. I figure my upward motion will no longer go to waste and that'll help me keep moving. But I'm not convinced that will solve the problem. My other ideas were to try clipless pedals (even though I'm scared of them) or to buy an e-bike conversion kit for a little electric assist.

Is there anything else you'd suggest to make riding my hybrid more compatible with a tall road bike companion?
Once your husband decides to slow down, here are a few generic tip for beginners:

1) Dial your fit and Position. Start with saddle height and fore/aft, then height, distance, and width
2) Contact points. Swap em: Grips, pedals, and saddle. OEM can be improved in every metric and differences are noticeable.
3) Learn your gears and when to be in which one. A good cyclist is always in the right gear at the right time. Personalizing your gearing is always a good idea
4) Spin fast. Constant 90rpm is a good start.
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