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In 2011, it was pretty hot at the start and I drank a whole bottle of water before I even started. But I stopped and got water from one of the spectators. I was out of water by Mortagne. I have been riding with 4 bottles this year, so I will have them full at the start, or at least 3 of them. This year, it shouldn't be as bad, 2011 was the last giant gaggle before the start. Now you start with your group.

The article in the RUSA magazine mentions pastries at the controls. I don't remember any. Have to look for them I guess. One of the things people eat is a bowl of cider. Apparently it contains alcohol if that's important to you. Another thing about the control food, it's pretty bland. I thought it was really good. They all seemed to serve pretty much the same food, but you might want to look for local exceptions. I liked the jambon et fromage baguettes, but after 3-4 of them the hard bread had damaged the roof of my mouth. I had a baguette Americain at the cafe in Sezun. That was nice. It had eggs, lettuce and tomatoes in addition to the jambon and fromage.

I wanted to stop at the McDonalds in Loudeac, but apparently it moved to the other side of town, off the course. That's a bummer.

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