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For a do it all bike I think a reasonable amount of flare, 8 is a good compromise. Get some of the handling and comfort benefits without going too wide and affecting feel/aero/etc. Riding very wide flare bars in a group is interesting because it vastly increases (at least my own) the personal space bubble to the sides. 15 of flare was a bit too much for aggressive road rides.

do the flares really make a difference?
Definitely. Going from regular bars to a model of FSA Adventure bar with 15 flare that gave me the additional width from 46cm to 52cm improved my descending times significantly. On the order of 2-3 minutes for a 15 minute descent. There's just that much additional leverage and control. Of course it's the width more than the flare but both are important I think as the flare gives easier access to shifters and brakes from both hoods and drops.
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