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Originally Posted by gvv1980 View Post
Is it just a nature of steel bikes and cannot be fixed.........
Thank you
Might be the nature of your steel bike, but not all steel bikes. At least that is if phantom shifting is what you are talking about.

The springiness of steel is one of the qualities that makes many steel bikes ride so well on pavement that others hate to ride on. But not all, different steels, different sizes of the same steels and small differences in tube geometry can make a big difference in whether a steel bike is more springy or less. Also, a lot of those old really light for their day steel bikes had a very low rider weight. Though I'm not sure your bike is one of those.

While using lots of muscle on a bike can be part of your issue, there are still some cable routing and cable binding issues that might be part of the problem. And maybe just a slight DR mis-adjustment or bent hangar.
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