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Freewheel help needed

Hello. My first post is a question.
I have a 7-sprocket Shimano freewheel with a broken tooth. Not wanting to damage the chain, Iíve been staying off the seventh ring.
I got a replacement from Amazon, Shimano, same number of sprockets, teeth per ring, basically identical. The only difference is the old one was all press fit together and the new one is mostly pressed with the two upper rings being riveted to ones below.
When I installed it, I experienced a grinding sensation through the chain in all gears. No real noise, just the feeling. BTW, sprocket spacing is same as OEM.
It was installed correctly (no crossthread) and I do most of my riding on the center gear ring up front so not a chain alignment thing.
Put the old freewheel back on and back to normal.

Anyone ever experience this?

(btw- the new part is Shimano MF-TZ500-7 if it matters)

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