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It's really remarkable we're not all dead, but maybe just maybe, riding a bicycle along the road (in the same direction as traffic) is not quite as dangerous as it looks. I always try to keep my speed up (to minimize the speed differential if hit and give the driver more time to react) and also keep pedalling so that my visibility is increased, and use only the amount of road I need. My guardian angel takes care of the rest.

For whatever reason, it's much safer to ride in traffic than it looks, just like driving a car at 70+ is much more dangerous than it looks. Use common sense and humility, follow the rules of the road, be aware of what's going on around you, ride defensively, and react swiftly (bikes can easily out-maneuver cars and trucks). You'll be fine.

I forgot that I was once clipped by a car 35 years ago in the rain during rush hour traffic. Broke a 75 cent spoke on my rear wheel. The reason I bring this up (in addition to full disclosure) is that getting clipped is probably at least 10 times more likely than a direct hit, if that makes you feel any safer.
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