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Originally Posted by eja_ bottecchia View Post
We are all going to die, no one gets out alive.

Id much rather die on the road, while doing what I love, than to die on my bed from feeble old age.

Just go out and ride your bike and stop worrying about the rest.
Ive thought about this and while the idea of going out doing what you love sounds great, Ive also thought it may be horribly traumatic for a lot of others. And though I wont be here to deal with that, I would want my passing to be as peaceful/'untraumatic' as possible for my loved ones.
It would be pretty damn traumatic to deal with a family member dying on a bike ride as that means others around them are dealing with the event and possibly motorists are swerving to not crush my fallen body. Yeah...not exactly ideal for others to cope, especially if I am hit after dying.
A buddy who does mountain climbing once said he wants to die while climbing(doing what he loves). I didnt point out that his wish would at best leave his dead body hanging from a rope for who knows how long and at worst mean his lifeless body slams into the ground. Not exactly a graceful exit either way and hella traumatic for family.

Pretty sure there isnt a good way to go.
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