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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
I ordered a pair of blue socks. Got an email saying they were out of stock in blue, if I'll accept gray instead they'll their in a free pair. Sure. When they arrived the free ones were pink.
Have you been passing me!?

It's always the same. I'm cruising around at an ok speed, a group of two blows past me like I'm going backwards. The older one that doesn't look as fit is wearing hot pink socks. It's not the same guy each time. By older, I probably mean my age, I keep forgetting that I have birthdays too.

If I give chase and draft, they spend the rest of our time together pointing at every inconsistency in the road greater than 1mm. Usually within a few minutes they turn off some other road that doesn't make alot of sense to ride on.

I'm left all alone with nothing but questions.
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