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Troll Kickstand: A Different Approach

I've been longing for a kickstand on my Troll, and I've finally decided to give it a go.

What you see in this pic are two aluminium plates, which are shaped to conform to the chainstays. The one with the bolt running through it also has a steel spreader bar, just to give it some beef.

This is the side that will contact the chainstays, hopefully without any damage or scuffing the paint too badly. The chainstays on the Troll have .100 difference in height, so I've glued scrap leather to the plates in hopes of keeping the plates parallel. This was accomplished by adhering two strips of leather on the shorter side, and grinding it down so that there is .050 more material on the left side of each plate.

And this is how it looks.

Its rather rough-shod right now, but its only a start. I'll test it out over the next couple weeks and I am sure that I will wish to make some modifications.

For those of you with keen attention to detail, you will notice that the lock washer under the kickstand fixing bolt is not fully flattened. Its true, the bolt is not tight enough to my liking in order to keep the kickstand from wandering. The problem I find with every kickstand installation to a frame with preexisting fenders, is that there is a very small amount of space in which to tighten that hex head! I've tried internal hex cap screws, and they are worse. Oh surely, you can get to them with a ball-headed hex driver, but the force needed to torque it would most likely snap the ball off. So what I've done in the past is to make an offset wrench that fits nicely in the
space provided. Today however, I cant locate a crappy 17mm open-end wrench to cut up and weld on. Only my nice Hazet wrenches, and I'll definitely NOT hack up one of those!

Comments/advice and questions are always welcome. Cheers!
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