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hope it works out. Its funny, but Ive always baulked at a kickstand, just from the weight thing. I can certainly see the point, but in the end it doesnt bother me leaning it against stuff or just laying it down on the ground.
Nice custom workaround, nicely done. The leather bit is interesting, especially how you say it takes a shape when wet and so will hold in place better.
As always, it keeps you out of the poolhalls doesnt it?

and yes, you are one good bike cleaner, I think you win the gold star for best cleaning in this sorry crowd ;-)
When I winter commute, I have a car cleaning attachment thingee with very soft bristles, and I use it by hand and like how the bristles wrap around all places and clean well, and fast--the fast part is good because I have the habit of doing it after every ride, to avoid any salt stuff staying on and rusting bits (on my old alu mtb).

ps, I just use those small black zip ties, on a black frame they really dont show up, and I trim them very close and file the cut edges to avoid any skin hurting sharp bits. May be tacky, but I can live with it. (but really, they dont show much, so for me, they fit in fine, and they work, plain and simple)

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