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Originally Posted by bigbenaugust View Post
One gets used to it over decades. :/

My hearing aids basically pipe the sound from the dead ear over to the good ear (what they call Contralateral Routing Of Sound, or one-sided CROS), so they do nothing for the ringing in the dead (right) ear. The right hearing aid is just a mic and a transmitter. Useful in meetings, not so much in large noisy rooms.

You'd want to go with what they call the bi-CROS setup where both sides can put stuff into the ears and then you can get into tinnitus-management white noise and whatnot.

OH, and I got a link to a PDF on tinnitus management from my audiologist at my last checkup. Did y'all know that tinnitus is the #1 (?) complaint at the VA?

Thanks for your concern. So how bad is your tinnitus? Did hearing aides help to at least ignore it? What do you do at night when it is bad?

Mine is pretty loud now. Kept me up last night but I think I was fixated on it. I try not to let it bother me. Hoping the uptick is just temporary. I get these episodes a few times a year. I always have it. But it upticks everyone in a while.

It really sucks doesn't it? I don't mind the lose of hearing all that much but the ringing is horrible.

I had it from a very early age. I would just get very short periods of ringing and roaring for no reason. We used to say "someone is talking about you". Then it became constant but manageable in my early 30s. Gotten worse over the years.

What I can't figure out is, if it is in the brain then why can't it be turned off? You would think hypnosis could help.
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