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Originally Posted by ThermionicScott View Post
Then why bother? Have you broken any spokes? If you want to practice building wheels, just take these ones completely apart and reuse the spokes and nipples.
i can see where you might wonder about that, but the spokes are completely rusted, compadre. it's a no go on reusing. i got them second hand from an older gentlemen years ago....originally off of a giant perigee. he let them sit out in the elements as with all of his bikes and other parts and they were a bit rusty to begin with. when he gave them to me, i rode them for a little while on a bike i had at the time until a spoke or two started breaking and couldn't true the rims as the nipples were seized. took'em off and barn storage in arkansas humidity had it's way. i like the rims and hubs well enough, though, to try and salvage them inexpensively as i can. am i wrong?
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