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Hmmm. Ok. I slept later today than planned, still got my ride in as planned. Turned a 15 mph average 23.6 mile ride. My Wahoo app didn't map correctly, and Strava was sloppy, showed a 4 mile difference, as well as 4 mph difference odd.

Ride analysis showed I expended more than 1100 calories for the ride. I ate a protein bar prior to the ride, and another at 15 miles. Both more carbs than protein, and combined for 400 calories. Putting me 700 in the hole...

Spent the afternoon doing yard work. Ugh. Then weekly grocery shopping. In the evening, I decided to take the dog for a trail walk. Despite my joint ailments...

Mile and a quarter, uneven surfaces. I'll pay for it tomorrow. But the dog loved it, and really, so did I...

So, my fitness watch and app say, I had over 20,000 steps for the day, as well as a calorie deficit in excess of 4600 calories. Color me, shocked!

Two items of note. Today's jersey I've had for years, but I was too big. Despite it's being 3x, it is smaller than my 2x. Second item. While shopping I tried on jackets...

Not 3x, or 2x, not even xl... LARGE! REALLY! Wow!
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