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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
I travel for work and there happens to be two outdoor tracks within less than an hour drive of the one work location.

If I had a free night to go try a race and get your butt kicked, what race (scratch, elimination, Danish/Dutch race) would you do if you knew the following:

-newbie with basic safety intro course completed
-can manage low 600's watts for a minute, about 360 or so for 3 minutes, I can pull out a 1200w sprint if I have to........I'm not very big, right now 70kg.
As queerpunk says, do them all.

Doing well and winning mean very little in the beginner CAT5/D races. The points are only kept for when it's time to apply for an upgrade. You need experience. Race as much as you can. Most racers race every event for a given race night.

Do not expect to do well. Pay attention and focus on safety and finishing each race.

I've seen people go balls-out in a beginner race and it's not necessary. These are "training races" not unlike pickup basketball games at the YMCA. You are simply playing on the least competitive court.

Don't be discouraged by what I'm writing. You will have fun. And we all had to race them in order to progress to higher divisions. Even P/1/2 racers have to start on CAT5/D.
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